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Wir über uns

For over a decade the company COAVIO is active in the "light" aircraft industry, where it develops, manufactures and produces leitstungsstarke and innovative aircraft. The company has a complete aircraft and carefully selected materials and Bautechnicken from.       

In addition to the manufacture and assembly of air tools DF2000 in which the company is directly involved in the production cycle, including systems on board, construction of molds and composite parts and painting, has the portfolio of aircraft manufactured by COAVIO over the years expanded with new models such as DA Evolution - a symbol of elegance and mechanical SPARTAN - dedicated to a group of drivers who like to fly and have been using budget airlines.

In addition, the company can offer a wide range of products with high added value such as 3mm thick deep-drawing process, free of columns, highly absorbent (vibrations and cracks) highly resilient.

Care and professionalism, special attention to detail and safety make us a highly competent companies in all types of operating systems on board aircraft and in securing the maintenance and repair work, all types of ultralight aircraft. 

"All of our company's employees share a passion for flying., We are constantly looking for new opportunities for improvement, because the client and its security are our top priority."

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