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About us

For over a decade The COAVIO is operating in the "light" aviation industry, designs, manufactures and produces high-performance and innovative aicrrafts. With an entirely aeronautical construction, the evidence stays in the choice of materials and construction techniques.

In addition to producing and assembling the aircraft DF2000, of which the company is directly involved in the production cycle, including the onboard systems, construction of molds and composite parts, as well as the painting, the range of aircraft manufactured by COAVIO has been enriched over the years, new models such as the DA Evolution, jewel mechanical and elegance and the SPARTAN, dedicated to the group of riders who love the beautiful plane, and lived with few frills.

The company is able to offer, in addition, a wide range of products with high added value, among which a thermoformed 3 mm thick, free from pillars, highly absorbent (vibrations and cracks) and considerable resistance to stress.

Care and professionalism, meticulous attention to detail and safety, makes COAVIO an extremely competent in all types of operating on aircraft that are not of direct expression, and that allow it to operate maintenance and repair of all types of aircraft ULM.

"All staff of our company shares the passion for flying, as always, every little thought is aimed to improve what we have done and what we will do, because for us the customer and its security are first of all. "

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