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Technical Data

Wing area
mq 11,60
Horizontal rudder area
mq 2,00
Vertical rudder area
mq 1,20
Volumetric tail ratio
Length mt 6,35
Wing span
mt 9,60
Wing chord
cm 120
Cockpit width
cm 115
Cockpit heigth
cm 109
Cockpit depth
cm 100
Empty weight
kg 285
Maximum design takeoff weight
kg 450
Wing tank capacity (each)
Lt 38
Tank collection capacity (optional) Lt 2,8
Central tank capacity (optional) Lt 17
Load factor
+4 -2 G
Maximum speed cross-wind
km/h 40
Better climb speed
km/h 90
Cruising speed 75% km/h 195
Stalling speed km/h 60
Flap stalling speed
km/h 45
Approach speed
km/h 90
Maximum maneuvering speed
km/h 180
VNE km/h 240
Takeoff distance
mt 100
Landing distance
mt 80

DF 2000 is a high performance plane. 
It is equipped with a tricycle gear, with 6” wheels, which is built in the main part with a hardened steel leaf spring; the anterior up-and- over wheel, anchored to the engine mounting built in steel (high resistance)CrMo 4130, is controlled by the double rudder pedals; moreover, a specialized fairing completes the efficiency.

DF 2000 has a hydraulic braking system with disc brakes. The harmony of the controls, with steel cables for the heading indicator placed on hard Teflon guides and pulleys, for the ailerons and the elevator placed on spherical bushes and roll bearings give pleasure to the flying; moreover it is easy to make the maneuvers, even if they are marked, thus letting a high rolling rate, precise. A marked longitudinal stability lets long leg of flight with free controls.

The aircraft is built in metal, with aluminum alloy Avional 2017 T4 e 2024 T3, in compliance with the international standards of airworthiness.

Every structural joint is entirely nailed and sticked, whereas for non structural joints tear rivets are used.

The airframe is built using a steel bar (high resistance) CrMo 4130. Every part that requires precision and reliability undergoes strict metric checks; welding belongs to TIG type, in the structure, connections for wing struts and for the main gear are forecasted

The wings are formed by an aluminum mono-spar with anterior antithorsional stern and posterior spar which holds the brackets of ailerons and flaps. The covering is realized with aluminum sheets, which are completely nailed and sticked.

The biconvex asymmetrical profile provides features of lift and weak resistance to advance.

The wing tips are conformal to winglet and they are turned over, in order to hold marginal vortex.

Both fixed and mobile empennages are built with nailed and sticked aluminum spars and sheets.

The performance provided by the installed power of only 80 HP (Rotax 912 UL), the plants, the available accessories, strength and the quality of structure compared to the costs of purchase and exercise let any comparison, even with higher category machines.


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